Fire safety set as World Cup goal

Fire safety is the main fixture for the World Cup as Cleveland Fire Brigade kicks off the tournament with key safety messages on thousands of beer mats and posters.

The aim is to make sure the firefighters’ uniform is the one kit people don’t see during the tournament.

With football fans expected to watch the games at home, in pubs, clubs or BBQ parties , the Brigade has set the ball rolling on the key ways to avoid the own goal of a damaging fire.

The beer mats and posters warning of the dangers of drinking and cooking and to take extra care with BBQ”s, have spread across Cleveland to pubs and clubs, takeaways, bookmakers and public buildings.

Chief Fire Officer Ian Hayton said: “The World Cup is a great chance for people to get together to watch the games in safety. All we are asking is just be careful and make sure a fire is not an added and unwanted fixture.

“Don’t drink and cook – it’s a recipe for disaster. If you want a snack after a night out make something cold from the fridge or get a takeaway. That way you’re not tempted to turn the cooker on when you get home.”

“If you are having a BBQ just make sure it is well supervised as fire can spread very quickly from the garden to inside the home.

“Our beer mats and posters are a simple and quick reminder of what you need to do to stay safe and enjoy the football. The only kit we want people to see in the World Cup is those of the teams taking part and not those worn by our firefighters”.

Last year (2017) 15% of all accidental house fires in Cleveland were as a result of cooking and 33% of all injuries sustained at an accidental house fire were also cooking related. One incident resulted in a fatality.

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PIC CAPTION ; Kicking-off World Cup safety, Cleveland Fire Brigade’s Chief Fire Officer Ian Hayton (centre) with Firefighters from Stranton Red Watch.

Source:: Cleveland Fire Brigade

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